Directional Surveys Purchase Order

Select a Gulf of Mexico Concession Area and Block, set the size of your query area, then click the Query Wells button to retrieve a list of wells containing Directional Surveys from which to select for your order. (Detail Instructions)


Area Block/Ext
Querying Block Size



INTELLEX Web allows you to browse a listing of wells and order Directional Surveys directly from the Energy Graphics, Inc. website. To order Directional Surveys using INTELLEX Web, follow these instructions:

  1. choose a concession area, a lease block number and the size of the lease block area to search. Area options are 1x1 block and 3x3 blocks. All wells within the lease block area will be listed along with a limited amount of header information.

  2. You may select individual wells by clicking the Select box in the first column or click the Check All button to select all wells in the list. Only wells that have a directional survey associated with them will be selected. Click the Place Order button.

  3. When you have made your selections and clicked the Place Order button, an email order form is composed for you and displayed. Enter your email address and billing/contact instructions. Also choose the data format in which you wish to receive your purchased data. Click the Order button to send your order.

Having problems using INTELLEX/Web? Please let us know.